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Thompson Center Venture 243win Blued/Blk Syn

Thompson Center Venture 243win Blued/Blk Syn

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The bestselling Venture bolt-action rifle combines high-end features with a remarkably low price tag. With an owner-adjustable 3.5-5 lbs. trigger, Hogue traction panels, pillar bedding, 5R rifling and guaranteed MOA accuracy, you can count on the T/C Venture’s accuracy season-after-season. 

A well-timed, accurate shot starts with a crisp trigger. The trigger of a  T/C Venture can be adjusted from 3.5-5 lbs. of pull, depending on shooter preference

The American-made Venture Blued is backed by Thompson/Center’s famous Lifetime Warranty, which protects your investment for a lifetime of hunts.

Unlike other bolt-action rifles that require a break in period, the Venture’s corrosion resistant-coated bolt makes cycling the bolt open and closed quick and easy from day one.

With the T/C Venture rifle, including the standard Venture Blued, you don’t need to take out an extra loan to buy a reliable rifle that’s loaded with quality features.  The Venture performs at a level beyond other low-priced bolt-action rifles. And backed by a T/C Lifetime Warranty, it offers more value than other guns in its price range.

5R rifling delivers superior accuracy by causing less bullet deformation, giving greater bullet stability over multiple shots.

Providing superior performance, the Venture offers an MOA accuracy guarantee for all 16 available calibers.


Barrel Length
Model #
.204 RUGComposite w/ Hogue® Panels22"5538
.22-250 REMComposite w/ Hogue® Panels22"5561
.223 REMComposite w/ Hogue® Panels22"5539
.243 WINComposite w/ Hogue® Panels22"5562
.270 WINComposite w/ Hogue® Panels24"5565
.270 WSMComposite w/ Hogue® Panels22"5391
.280 REMComposite w/ Hogue® Panels24"5431
.300 WSMComposite w/ Hogue® Panels22"5390
.300 Win MagComposite w/ Hogue® Panels24"5567
.308 WINComposite w/ Hogue® Panels22"5563
.338 Win MagComposite w/ Hogue® Panels24"5430
25-06 REMComposite w/ Hogue® Panels24"5429
30-06 SPRGComposite w/ Hogue® Panels24"5566
7MM REM MagComposite w/ Hogue® Panels24"5568
7MM-08Composite w/ Hogue® Panels22"5588

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